Spit Poet Publishing aims to grow as a mobile publishing house, shaped by collaborations with a diverse swath of writers; unpublished, self published and experimenting writers alongside well known poets, all seeking strength in community. Our work is to stimulate the waning market of self published literature by inspiring writers to create small circulation publications and distribute them with intention. Spit Poet Publishing aims to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, POC, immigrant, LGBTQIA+, and youth community members because we believe they deserve to be heard and understood. We accept submissions from around the world and do not censor our contributors, meaning we prioritize the work THEY want to publish. 

Founded in Colorado in late 2017 by poet/zine maker, Caito Foster, Spit Poet Publishing is a growing global community of artists with a common goal, producing and distributing life-altering poetic content and gaining exposure for our best work. Please join us in creating a space for writers to express their authentic selves through print!

We invite writers and artists to submit polished work to our flagship publication, 
Spit Poet Zine. As often as is possible we print and distribute the zine locally in Denver CO and Portland OR and contributing artists are provided the master file to print the zine and distribute it in their location, spreading our work even further.

We encourage writers who have developed bodies of work to submit full manuscripts of any length to Spit Poet Publishing to be edited, and laid out into a zine or paperback book and published. We work with artists to create their vision for their work, and we distribute collections published under Spit Poet Publishing online and in print as possible.

We recently (2021) gained the capability to print and assemble our own publications with the acquisition of our own printer and materials, and in order to keep up this idea of being self sustainable, we will be starting a Patreon subscription site in 2021, stay tuned!

Our vision is continuously expanding, as more and more artists get involved with this project. We are always open to collaborating with artists, publishing houses, event coordinators, art friendly spaces, and communities in need of our services. We love to host zine making workshops, increasing public knowledge of self publishing, open mics that allow our community to express freely and we want new creative ideas to share this medium with the world. Please don't hesitate to propose a project!


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